This is the first drama of this Saturday morning during the Nationale 1 interclub in Toulouse Padel Club. Licensed to 4Padel Strasbourg, Simon Wagner (31st) and Albano Olivetti (500th) created a sensation against the Big Padel from Dorian de Meyer (50th) and Thomas Vanbauce (33rd), winning 7-6; 7-6. Will it be enough to beat the Big Padel Bordeaux, the vice-champion of France 2022?

An “unprecedented and surprising” victory for them, against a pair who are experienced in FIP tournaments. The Alsatian duo reveals their analysis of the match and their future ambitions.

“We were not the favorites”

Simon Wagner: “We weren't favorites on paper. They were much higher ranked, they play internationally all year round. We played with our style of play, with volleys and stronger smashes, and it worked quite well.

“A track that helped us”

Albano Olivetti: “Simon has very good qualities in the area of ​​play up there. We tried to be focused on our service game, while being very rigorous on our smashes. This is what we managed to do, we were generally quite solid. It's a nice surprise for us. »

Simon Wagner: “In terms of defense and padel pure, they are stronger than us. We told ourselves that we were going to spend as little time as possible behind, even on the way back. We were trying to project ourselves forward. »

Albano Olivetti Simon Wagner 4padel srtasburg

A future Wagner / Olivetti association?

Albano Olivetti: “I would be very happy to play with Simon, even if I am used to playing with Christophe (Henry). I would like to play more padel, but it's complicated for me. When I play it, I'm like crazy and it was a great experience! »

Simon Wagner: “I asked him for the P2000 in Nantes in January, but he has the Australian Open! We will no longer necessarily play together with Yanis in 2024, so I am keen to do a tournament with “Alba”.

Play at padel like in tennis

Albano Olivetti: “The way I play is very similar to tennis. I do a lot more smashes than in tennis, especially in the offensive game. I play at least once a week padel when I'm in Strasbourg, but I think it's training in some way. When I'm at the bottom, it's more complicated, but casually, it makes me work on my footwork. In tennis, I sometimes find ease in the short game.”

Tennis first for now

Albano Olivetti: “I am in a tennis project which is a priority. It's going pretty well for me in doubles. Today really came at good timing. But once again, it's not a question of desire. I love the padel, I find this sport incredible!

2024 is still unclear

Simon Wagner: “For the moment, it’s vague. It's only been a week since Yanis and I announced that we were stopping. I don't have a definite partner for the 2024 season. I think that at the beginning I will change almost every tournament, but no, I don't have a fixed partner yet. »

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, six years earlier. Today, he follows the international circuit with passion and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialized media on Toulouse FC.