While the Occitanie Region welcomes in a few days the HUMAN PADEL OPEN and the best players of padel of the world, La Toupie Bleue throw the 5e WELCOME edition PADEL WEEK. And for the first time, this event will also settle in the Occitanie Region, precisely in THEZAN LES BEZIERS.

La Toupie Bleue offers a stay padel on the explosive program from August 6th to 12th at the friendly THEZAN LES BEZIERS club! The TC MON PLAISIR, club on a human scale, has since this year a total of 5 tracks of padel with its friendly outdoor club house: a perfect mix for a week full of progress and sharing!

15 hour padel over the week!

On the program for this intense week, courses of padel collectives and matches of course, but above all very specific content to make the most of your padel :

  • 1 hour of discussion on your expectations, your apprehensions, your strengths, your shortcomings and your personal internship objective
  • 5 sessions of 1h30 of group lessons with a maximum of three players on the field with the coach for a maximum of balls played and a limited waiting time
  • 2 “American” formula tournaments of 1h30 each with 20 minutes supervision per player by the coach in order to have precise feedback on his observations
  • 1 match with the coach in one of the doubles
  • 2 matches coached at the change of sides, like the professionals (just that!)

Le padel in the colors of Argentina with coach Mario

Coach Mario from TC MON PLAISIR, who came straight from Argentina, will introduce you to the padel South American, continent where (as you probably know) the padel was born !

This summer course is therefore a perfect way to progress thanks to the gaze and benevolence of Mario, a passionate coach!

An adapted rhythm to enjoy your summer

25km from the Mediterranean, there is no doubt that you will enjoy cooling off at sea or enjoying the destination with its emblematic towns in the Hérault: Sérignan, Vias, Agde, or even Savignac.

The sessions padel will be held in the morning between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. and in the afternoon from 17 p.m. to 22 p.m., in order to take advantage of optimal playing conditions!

Much more than an internship padel !

As the only French travel agency to market and manage stays of padel in Europe, we make every effort to offer you a complete package which can of course be expanded according to your expectations.

For all, you will find in the formula:

  • 15h from padel
  • A welcome gift
  • A lunch at the club restaurant with all the course participants

Optional :

  • The rental of an air-conditioned vehicle, deductible at 0, unlimited mileage
  • Multi-risk insurance with health protection extension
  • Accommodation of your choice subject to availability
  • Extra activitiespadel

Individual pricing:


Based on 12 peopleBased on 9 peopleBased on 6 peopleBased on 3 people
500 €600 €790 €1 350 €

PACKAGE PADEL with car rental:

Based on 12 peopleBased on 9 peopleBased on 6 peopleBased on 3 people
575 €640 €850 €1 500 €

And if unfortunately this week does not suit your personal agenda, tailor-made package formulas are still available in Spain on Tenerife from August 6 to 27 (more availability in July).

Remi Collat

The founder of the agency La Toupie Bleue offers themes on internships and vacations padel in Europe. The accommodation specialist padel don't hesitate to give us your opinion on these topics.