Au padel,  very different qualities are needed, which can sometimes even be contradictory. Concretely, it is better to be big for the smash, and better to be small for all the low balls in defense. So what is the ideal size for a padel ?

In order to best answer this question, we have averaged the size of the WPT Top 50 players. And the result is as follows: 179,8 cm! When you know that Fernando Belasteguin measures 1m79 and Pablo Lima 1m80… we say that this size seems very ideal, since it allows to be very versatile.

Surprise, if we believe the WPT data, the smallest player of the 50 best players in the world is not Federico Chingotto (who is still 1m72!), But  Alvaro Cepero (1m67). obviously  player on the right, the one nicknamed "Chiki" uses his size to best defend low balls to perfection.

The tallest player is none other than one of his former partners, Rafa Méndez,which culminates at 1m, or 18cm more than the average size! The one who is now ranked 39th in the WPT, obviously a big smacker, formed on paper a very complementary pair with Alvaro Cepero.

Rafa Méndez and Alvaro Cepero on tiptoe on the right in 2014 Source Facebook Rafa Méndez

We can clearly see through these examples that it is possible, by making the most of your physique, to play very well. padel whatever its size!

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