You wonder who are the trainers who will take care of the best pairs of the padel global ? Our colleagues from Padel Addict take stock before the start of the season. As you will see, there is a large majority of Argentines.

Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán: Mariano Amat

The Argentinian Mariano Amat, responsible for the renowned M3 Academy, will once again be the coach of the world numbers 1 this season. Can this trio finish the season in first place again?

Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutiérrez: Claudio Gilardoni

Belasteguin and Gutiérrez, who are re-forming their pair this season, will once again be helped by their compatriot Claudio Gilardoni, responsible for Juan Carlos Ferrero's Equelite academy. The one who has been alongside Sanyo for years continues to take care of his protege.

Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello: Gustavo Pratto, Pablo Crosetti and Manu Martín

The most awaited new pair, Tapia/Coello, will be assisted by a shock team. Crosetti, the Argentinian's coach, Pratto, the Spaniard's, and the highly publicized Manu Martín, who will bring his expert eye to this young duo!

Juan Tello and Paquito Navarro: Rodrigo Ovide

Juan Tello and Paquito Navarro, who had started their collaboration under the watchful eye of Martín Etchegaray, will be under the orders of the essential Rodri Ovide this season, who is also in charge of the Salazar/Triay and Campagnolo/Sanchez pairs.

Rodrigo ovide
Rodri Ovide

Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno: Carlos Pozzoni

The return of the Di Nenno / Stupaczuk pair will take place under the orders of the manager of the Pádel 2.0 club, Carlos Pozzoni. The Argentinian, who has been assisting Stupa for several years now, will take charge of this project which promises to be very interesting.

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