Following the last WPT tournament, the rankings have changed! On the World Padel Tour (WPT), we have a new French number 1. Indeed, Jérémy Scatena having withdrawn for some time from WPT to devote himself to the APT Padel Tour, its status as French number 1 was fragile.

The one who took his place is none other than his former partner, the left-hander Benjamin Tison. Thanks to his remarkable career in preprevia then in previa of the first WPT Open of the season, he climbed to the 101st place in the world. This is his best career ranking yet!

WPT Ranking Padel Benjamin Tison

Here are the different rankings of our French:

  • 101st: Benjamin Tison
  • 103rd: Jérémy Scatena
  • 117th: Bastien Blanqué
  • 121st: Johan Bergeron
  • 173rd: Adrien Maigret
  • 217th: Maxime Moreau
  • 225th: Loic le Panse
  • 236th: Robin Haziza
  • 279th: Nicolas Trancart
  • 299th: Ethan Sfez

We hope to be able, in the years to come, to have more French people in this world ranking. Of course, first to have several in the Top 100, then always closer to the best in the world.


source: WPT

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