The first tournament of the season World Padel Tour has already reserved his lot of surprises with the eliminations of seeds 4, 6 and 8 in the men's category and 3 in the women's category.

The favorite pairs are doing the work, like the qualification in two sets on the women's side of the duos which dominate the world scene, Triay / Salazar and Josemaria / Sanchez. In the end, only one seed lost today, the other favorites holding their rank.

Among the men, the numbers 1 Lebron and Galan still dropped a set on the way, but still came out against the young Alex Arroyo and Miguel Yanguas. Coello/Tapia, Bela/Sanyo and Di Nenno/Stupa came through without losing a race.

Tomorrow, some quarter-finals promise to be very hot, such as that between outsiders (Cardona / Ramirez vs Ruiz / Rubio), or that between Argentinians (Di Nenno / Stupa vs Bela / Sanyo).

Here are the posters.


  • Lebron/Galan (TS1) vs Nieto/Lima (TS7)
  • Di Nenno/Stupa (TS5) vs Bela/Sanyo (TS3)
  • Cardona/Ramirez vs. Ruiz/Rubio
  • Coello/Tapia (TS2) vs Diestro Fernandez


  • Salazar/Triay (TS1) vs Osoro/Sainz (TS5)
  • Alayeto/Alayeto (TS7) vs Castello/Jensen
  • Llaguno/Iglesias (TS4) vs Icardo/Riera (TS8)
  • Josemaria/Sanchez (TS2) vs Las Heras/Virseda (TS6)

Find all the results of the eighth HERE.

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