After big sensation this morning with the gentlemen, another surprise today with the victory of Miguel Lamperti and Arturo Coello against the seeded 4!

It is a real wind of freshness that blows on the World Padel Tour ! Arturo Coello, 19, and the ghost Miguel Lamperti, have just eliminated the number 4 seed of the tournament: Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno. A victory snatched in the last moments of the match: 6/4 3/6 7/6 !

After Silingo / Diaz yesterday, and Sanchez / Allemandi this morning, it is a new seed that falls this afternoon. Admittedly, this is the first tournament of the year and the new associations are not yet established, but the level only seems to rise on the WPT. The new generation imposes its freshness. For proof, there will be three players under 20 tomorrow in the quarter-finals among the gentlemen! Moreover the pairs Coello / Lamperti and Yanguas / Ramirez will face each other and we expect an explosive duel since Coello and Ramirez shared the track last season while Yanguas and Lamperti played in particular the Spanish Championships together !

Among girls, the surprise is to be honored Tamara Icardo and Delfi Brea, who for their first tournament together released another new pair: Sofia Araujo and Eli Amatriain!

Tamara icardo world padel tour lob

A clean and flawless victory (6/4 6/2) against the seeded number 7 of the tournament! We will have some brand new quarter-finals to follow tomorrow!

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