You have certainly noticed it, the pala Wilson x cupra that Fernando Belasteguin wears during this World Padel Tour Barcelona Master.

At home, Fernando Belasteguin regains his splendor and the path to victory alongside his partner Sanyo Gutiérrez.

Fernando Belasteguin bandeja barcelona master WPT bela X Cupra

Two revenges against Allemandi / Nieto and Lamperti / Yanguas which allow the Argentinian pair to find the quarter-finals. Fans are already licking their chops at the thought of the shock that awaits them with Di Nenno / Navarro, one of the in-form pairs of the moment.

But for the moment, what attracts the most attention is the racket with which Fernando Belasteguin is playing.

New Belasteguin x Wilson x Cupra racket

A Wilson pala bearing the image of the car brand that sponsors Bela: Cupra. With his Wilson Bela X Cupra, the one who is considered the greatest player of all time has stepped up a gear. Enough to find the last square? Response in a few hours:

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