There's no stopping Carla Mesa and Claudia Jensen at the World Padel Tour Getafe Challenger. Jorge de Benito's players eliminate their second seed in two days!

Was it the impressive victory against Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello in Vigo had been a click for Carla Mesa and Claudia Jensen? Quite possible given the level of confidence displayed by the two players in Getafe.

Indeed, after largely dominating Victoria Iglesias and Aranzazu Osoro, Clara and Claudia eliminated a new seed: Araujo/Rufo. This time, it was a big fight and it was the outsiders who won after missing their start to the match: 1/6 6/4 6/2. What store even more confidence. Tomorrow will they be able to create another feat against Marta Marrero and Lucia Sainz who dominated Clasca / Cortiles on the score of 6/3 6/1.

In the other part of the table, the favorites did the job, Ortega / Gonzalez dominating Las Heras / Virseda 6/4 6/2, and the Alayeto twins winning 7/5 6/4 against Caldera / Goenaga. You will have understood, these two pairs will face each other tomorrow in the quarter-finals!

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