Charlotte Soubrie and Élodie Invernon lost in three sets to Sara Pujals and Raquel Piltcher in the first round of the WPT Human Padel Open. A match that ended at almost one o'clock in the morning at the Palais des Sports André Brouat!

Benefiting from a Wild-Card for the main draw, the 100% French pair was opposed to a duo from the previas: Piltcher (55) / Pujals (64).

After losing the first set 6/3, Élodie and Charlotte created a surprise by taking the second set 7/5. Finally, the favorites resumed their march forward and managed to inflict a new 6/3 on their opponents. For their first at this level, we can say that it is an encouraging result for the French women.

Following this result, Alix Collombon is now the only tricolor representative still in contention in this Human Padel Open. She will play this Thursday morning with her partner Jessica Castello against Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez.

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