The Argentinian public can exult, they will be entitled to a gala semi-final between the two most anticipated new pairs.

It didn't take long to witness the revenge between the two new duos Di Nenno/Stupa and Coello/Tapia! And if the first clash between these pairs was won by the “Superpibes”, it could be different this Saturday…

Indeed, the conditions in La Rioja are very fast, and on paper they favor the “big guns” that are Tapia and Coello. Gustavo Pratto's players play a mind-blowing level in Argentina, as shown by their victory in barely an hour (6/2 6/1) last night against Gonzalez/Ruiz!

For their part, Stupa and Di Nenno had more difficulty against Chingotto / Garrido. Indeed, after starting off with a 6/0, Pozzoni's players saw their opponents come back into the game, before delivering the final blow in the deciding set. Final score 6/0 3/6 6/3 for the Argentinians who will need all their mental resources to beat Agus' and Arturo this Saturday evening!

The meeting is scheduled after the second women's semi-final, which will take place at 22:00 p.m. French time.

Remember that the other men's semi-final opposes the young Libaak and Augsburger to the “returning” Belluati and Lamperti!

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