Big surprise on the side of World Padel Tour The Rioja Open where Lucas Bergamini and Victor Ruiz knocked out Bela and Sanyo in the first round.

The tournaments follow each other and are not alike for Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutiérrez. Indeed, after reaching the final of the Premier Padel Qatar Major, the Argentinians were knocked out as soon as they entered the competition in La Rioja.

The veterans, who intended to shine in front of their audience and benefit in particular from the absence of Lebron and Galan, never seemed at ease on Thursday. Faced with a well-placed Brazilian and Spaniard, and now accustomed to these surprises, the World Champions had a lot of trouble putting their game in place.

It must be said that Ruiz and Bergamini were very strong, and they knew how to better control the fast conditions, especially in the hot moments when the Spaniard often hit the mark in the center of the field. In the end, it's a 7/5 6/3 victory that could not be more deserved for the outsiders!

From now on, the pair who have just achieved the first sensation of the tournament will prepare for the big match which awaits them tomorrow against Belluati and Lamperti, who fell for Bueno / Quilez (7/6 7/6)!

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