As the game plays out right now World Padel Tour Marbella Master, here are the paintings of the Vienna Padel Open are already out.

In a season that is more international than ever, the World Padel Tour will set down its suitcases in Austria this Sunday, to celebrate the Vienna Padel Open.

Declining attendance

For men, we cannot say that the tournament was full, since only 69 pairs are registered, including 3 Wild-Cards. We do not find any tricolor pair in preprevias. Among the gentlemen, the only French representative will be Benjamin Tison. Associated as always with Teo Zapata, the Ile-de-France player will start his tournament on Monday against the winners of the match between Benitez / Solbes against a pair from the pre-previas.

Don't worry, the best players on the circuit will be present in Vienna, and we are expecting some great clashes at the start, such as a Gonzalez / Ruiz vs Nieto / Yanguas, or a Lamperti / Sanz vs Belluati / Moyano.

More surprises among the ladies?

Among the ladies, as always, we will have two French women in the main draw, and we can say that they were rather favored by the draw! Indeed, the Castello/Collombon and Godallier/Navarro pairs will face qualifiers. In case of victory, Alix and Jessica will be opposed to the winner of the very interesting match between Brea/Icardo and Nogueira/Villalba, while Léa and Teresa will try to take their revenge against Marrero/Sainz!

Other first laps seem somewhat undecided to us, we think first of all of the one between Iglesias/Osoro and Carnicero/Martinez, or even the one between Goenaga/Rufo and Araujo/Talavan!

Find all the tables just below:

Preprevias men

Ladies preprevias

Previas men

Previas ladies

Main table men

Main draw ladies

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