Clearly, it's not good to be favorite at the start of this season. World Padel Tour Malmo Open! Indeed, for the fourth time today, outsiders ruled the roost in Malmö.

This time, it was the 7th seed in the competition who bit the dust against two regulars: Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini. Accustomed to making blows against top seeds, the Brazilian and the Spaniard won a big fight this Tuesday: 6/3 3/6 6/3. A victory which allows them to qualify for the second round, where they will find a duo in great form: Muñoz / Bautista, with a place in the quarter-finals at stake.

For Coki Nieto, this premature elimination comes at the worst time, he who is in sixteenth place and who wants to do everything to keep it and participate in the Master Final. The good news for him is that his first two pursuers, Capra and Diestro, also lost today. For his part, Gonzalo Rubio, who begins a new stage with Pincho Fernandez, faces the numbers 1 Coello and Tapia. A warning which should therefore remain free of charge for the Madrilenian…

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