If the big favorites remain intractable since the start of the World Padel Tour Malmö Open, the other top seeds are suffering in Sweden.

And following some surprises, combined with the withdrawal of Chingotto / Navarro among the men, we will have whatever happens a pair not among the top seeds among the men.

Indeed, the duos Bergamini / V.Ruiz and Campagnolo / Esbri will face each other this Friday, one of these two pairs will join the last four.

Otherwise, Alex Arroyo and Edu Alonso, who released Tello / Ruiz yesterday, will try to create a big surprise this Friday, and if they succeed, there will then be two pairs not part of the Top 8 in the semi-final!

Nothing has been done yet obviously, but we can clearly see in the table that behind the big names, it is more complicated at the end of the season.

These outsiders bring a little breath of fresh air and promise us a great day in the quarter-finals!

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