If the outsiders are at the party in this beginning of Malmo Open, the Top 3 left no room for doubt for its entry into the running.

With the number 1 spot still in play, Coello/Tapia and Di Nenno/Stupa cannot afford any missteps. The first ones did the job against Rubio / Fernandez with a 6/3 6/4 victory. The seconds were even more celebrating, as evidenced by their 6/3 6/2 victory against Guerrero / Zapata.

Lebron and Galan, who find themselves at the end of the season and play a bit of the role of referees in the fight for first place, did not have to force their talent in sixteenth either. They won 6/2 6/4 and had a sixth consecutive victory.

For the other seeded players, as we told you yesterday, it was more complicated. Sanz and Nieto (TS7) fell by the wayside, the Gutierrez (TS8) suffered martyrdom against Gil / Moyano, just like Ruiz and Tello (TS5) against the locals Windahl and Vasquez. Finally, among only Gonzalez and Garrido (TS6) easily won their first round (6/3 6/2 against the locals Olsson and Axelsson).*

Today, will the favorites be able to really impose their ranking?

*There are only seven seeds in this Malmö Open for the men, Chingotto and Navarro (TS4) having had to withdraw.

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