Unbelievable ! Federico Chingotto and Martin Di Nenno are in the final of the World Padel Tour Final Masters 2022.

The two players on the right, who teamed up “by default” for this last tournament of the year, again defied the odds this Saturday to win against their former teammates Juan Tello and Paquito Navarro.

In this unlikely semi-final with two players on one side who were still facing each other in the left diagonal a few months ago, and on the other two game specialists on the right, it is the latter who walked away with the victory.

From the outset, the two shortest men on the track played with incredible accuracy, which left their two former "compis" unanswered. Logically, the players coached by Rodri Ovide won the first set 6/1. But from the start of the second set, Paquito and Tello arrived with other intentions.

Much more decisive and aggressive, “el Gato” began to live up to his nickname. More surly and precise, Navarro also put in more. Alternating in attack, and giving rise to a scene still unimaginable a few weeks ago with Chingotto starting the points on the left and Tello starting them on the right, Willy Barrera's men had not said their last word. Rewarded for their efforts, the favorites stuck back to a set everywhere after an unbreathable tie-break.


But in the last act, Chingotto and Di Nenno, still as concerned, managed to finish the job with a victory in 2h20: 6/1 6/7 (4) 6/4. A deserved success given the level and consistency displayed by the Argentines throughout the game.

Tomorrow, they promise us a magnificent opposition of style against the best on the planet padel : the numbers 1 Lebron and Galan.

Will Fede and Martin be able to create a surprise once again and deprive Mariano Amat's men of a second consecutive title in the Master Final? Response on Canal + after the ladies' final, scheduled for 10 a.m. this Sunday morning!

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