Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar win the final of the World Padel Tour Master Final against their rivals Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez, and at the same time recover the first place in the standings!

The Palau Sant Jordi public was waiting for a fight between the two duos who outrageously dominated the 2022 season on the World Padel Tour, and he was not disappointed!

Indeed, it is a meeting in three sets to which we were entitled for this 14th final of the year between the two best pairs in the world. In total, it took more than 2h40 to decide between these two teams who offered us a high level match, with the suspense as a bonus.

Not impressed by what was at stake, the two pairs started the meeting with a bang, exchanging breaks during the first two games and offering very good points, including a superb drop shot signed Sanchez. Pushed by the public, Paula and Ari put more into this early meeting and saw their efforts rewarded with a 4/1 which would quickly turn into 6/3.

Although dominated, Salazar and Triay were not going to give up so quickly, and a bit against the course of the game, they were going to quickly take the score and break away in the second set: 4/1 then 5/2. We were already expecting to see a third set but that was without counting on the bravery of Gustavo Pratto's players, who were going to recover their service and return to 4/5. Everything had to be done again for the seeded 2 who was not discouraged and won the second set on Josemaria's serve: 6/4. The long-awaited third set was about to take place!

Once again, the balance of power shifted and seeded 1 took control. But while they were leading 3/0 in this last act, Gustavo Pratto's players saw the return of their rivals who equalized at 3/3. Despite this, they were not discouraged and, after much effort, even managed to get three break points at 4/4. This is where the meeting changed. Against the ropes, Ale and Gemma finally managed to keep their face-off, well helped by a foul from Ari Sanchez on the “punto de oro”. Behind, Ovide's players offered themselves a white break to conclude: 3/6 6/4 6/4.

Salazar and Triay win this meeting during which they will have scored ten points less than their opponents! We think that the dynamics and confidence will have clearly weighed in this match. Indeed, the new numbers 1 remained on four consecutive victories against their biggest rivals, so they arrived with a certain psychological advantage. In total, they will have won ten of the fourteen clashes between these two pairs this season, which have all taken place in the final.

In view of this statistic, we obviously say to ourselves that Ale and Gemma deserve to finish in first place in the rankings, even if that is very cruel for Ari and Paula, who will also have had an exceptional season, and who really had all the weapons today to leave with victory and keep their title obtained last year at the Master Final in Madrid (and keep their number 1 spot…).

After this superb “appetizer”, it is now time for the male final, which opposes, still on Canal +, the surprising Chingotto and Di Nenno to the big favorites Lebron and Galan!

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