Miguel Yanguas and Javi Garrido, in addition to being both young, talented, and Andalusian, have a new point in common: that of playing their first Master Final this year. A tournament in which Garrido will participate with his now usual partner, Momo Gonzalez, while Yanguas will share the track with Sanyo, who must move to the left for the occasion.

Young people at the top of the bill

Youth is taking power in the padel professional ! And as a symbol, this year, the World Padel Tour Master Final, last in history, will be done without Maxi Sanchez and Fernando Belasteguin among the men, but with two newcomers: Miguel Yanguas and Javi Garrido.

The first, 21 years old, this year confirmed all the hopes placed in him. The native of Malaga, who spent most of the season alongside Bela, finished in 15th place in the WPT Race and showed that he will have to be counted on in the coming years.

Partners who change, but a level which remains unchanged

For his part, Garrido, 23, had a special season, with five different partners, but proves that he is more than a powerful smasher. With three semi-finals in particular this season, Javi has at times been able to match the very best in his left diagonal, as evidenced by his 14th place in the ranking.

After representing Spain for the first time among adults recently, Yanguas and Garrido have now established themselves in the Top 16 in the world. The crazy thing is that both of them have had many different teammates in 2023, but that hasn't stopped them from performing at a very high level. Already the mark of the very great?

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