Sanyo Gutiérrez will normally play on the left during the Barcelona Master Final alongside mike yanguas. In fact, neither player will have their usual partner in the Catalan capital. Agustín Gutiérrez doesn't have enough points to join the end-of-season Masters, just like Fernando Belasteguin, who missed three tournaments due to an elbow injury and lost his sixteenth place at the Race.

Consequently, two right-wing players will have to share the track for this end-of-year tournament. And as you can imagine, one of the two will have to swing to the left. Yanguas had already warned in a recent interview that if they were to join forces, Sanyo should practice playing on the other side of the field.

Sanyo Gutierrez high ball preparation Siux 2022

And it seems to be going well because in a recent story Instagram ofAitor Garcia, who distinguished himself at the FIP Rise Bourg-en-Bresse with Benjamin Tison, we see Sanyo explaining that he trains on the left. And apparently it was not easy for Aitor, despite being a specialist in this diagonal…

This is not a first for “El Mago” who had already played on this side with his other nephew, Cristian German Gutiérrez. It was during the Masters in Marbella, and the Argentinian had proven that he was also very comfortable on the left.

Sanyo nephew Cristian Gutierrez Marbella Master WPT

We'll see if he does as well with Mike Yanguas in Barcelona!

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