The French Jérémy Scatena and Benjamin Tison will play this Tuesday in the second round of the previas of the World Padel Tour Menorca Open.

The tournaments follow each other and are alike for Tison and Scatena who feast on the World Padel Tour. The French are in the process of become the bête noire of Andres Britos, which they had already beaten last weekend at the Pyramids, during the P2000.

Benjamin and Jérémy reoffended in Menorca, dominating Britos / Redondo 7 / 6 6 / 2 in the first round of the previas. They replay this Tuesday at 10:00 amFacing Toni Bueno and Ruben Rivera, a pair never easy to play, but the French are in good shape!

Unfortunately they will be the only French people still in the running tomorrow, since Bastien Blanqué and Jordi Muñoz, who had benefited from Lucky Losers status, are inclined to snatch 6/3 6/7 4/6. Too bad but once again this pair shows a very good level of play.

Finally, also defeat of Mélissa Martin and Rafaella Masseron Lassaguere, in the first round of the preprevias, facing Casali / (6/7 3/6).

This Tuesday, Léa Godallier and Laura Clergue make their entry into the tournament, in the first round of the previas, at let proof, against the winners of the match Borrero / Vivancos vs Jensen Sirvent / Gomez.

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