As we told you this weekend, Juan Lebron and Ale Galan have declared forfeit for the World Padel Tour Mexico Open which is being played this week.

And this package which clearly benefits Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia. Indeed, barring any surprises, these two pairs should have faced each other in the semi-final of the Mexican tournament. And as the last clashes turned in favor of the numbers 3, the numbers 1 see their chances of reaching the final of this Open 1000 increase. And in the fight between them and Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk for the throne, it is obviously a godsend.

Following the withdrawal of Lebron and Galan, the WPT made some changes in the table. Thus, Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto find themselves number 3 and move into the part of the table of Stupa and Di Nenno. For their part, Pincho Fernandez and Gonzalo Rubio become seeded number 8.

Check out the new table below:

We're not going to lie, the new table clearly favors Agustin and Arturo over Martin and Franco. Enough to allow the players of the Crosetti / Martin / Pratto trio to be definitively crowned in Mexico? Answer this week!

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