The season has not yet started as the players' waltz begins on the World Padel Tour, with already a separation: that between Esther Carnicero and Teresa Navarro!

This is rather astonishing news announced by Esther Carnicero on her Instagram account. The 35th player in the ranking of World Padel Tour announcement the separation of the pair she formed with Teresa Navarro. If we believe the Instagram post, it is the latter who would have liked to put an end to the collaboration between the two players.

Dunlop Aero Star Lite Teresa Navarro

As they seemed all happy to meet again two weeks ago to train together, things certainly did not go the way they would have liked. The defeat in ORO 24 de Castellon final against Ana Cortiles and Jessica Castello is probably there for something ...

Esther Carnicero Wilson 2021

Anyway, if Teresa Navarro, 25th player in the standings, chose to leave Esther Carnicero just three weeks before the resumption of the World Padel Touris that she probably already had to find a replacement. We therefore expect at least one more separation in the next few days!

Who will Esther Carnicero and Teresa Navarro start with in 2021? For the moment no info but we should know more soon enough!


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