We are all in need of World Padel Tour and we certainly have one for a little while. To make up for this lack, we offer you the most beautiful points in 2019.

2019 was a great year of padel, we offer you a compilation produced by the World Padel Tour YouTube channel of the most beautiful points of the year. Do not hesitate to tell us which one you preferred!

  1. The amortization of Sanyo Gutierrez against Silingo / Allemandi
  2. Juan Lebron's backhand smash returns against Lima / Bela
  3. The par 4 of Franco Stupaczuk after the miraculous rescues of Ale Galan and Juani Mieres
  4. The smash after rebound by Juan Lebron to win the match against Galan / Mieres
  5. Alex Ruiz's backhand smash return
  6. The point won by Franco Stupaczuk after a series of defenses by Sanchez / Gutierrez
  7. The recital of Agustin Tapia to return to 5/5 in the Tie-break against Lebron / Navarro
  8. The magic passing of Sanyo Gutierrez between the legs and with the side window, against Lebron / Navarro
  9. The extended point won by an Ale Galan smash against Tapia / Bela

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