While among girls, we already know that Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez will finish the season in first place on the World Padel Tour, nothing has yet been done among the gentlemen.

Indeed, if Coello and Tapia seemed untouchable at mid-season, they have experienced a little slack in recent weeks, which has allowed Stupa and Di Nenno to get closer.

Indeed, with no trophies won in the last four competitions (and a defeat in the first round in Amsterdam), the number 1s are showing signs of weakness, which their biggest rivals – who have won three of these four tournaments – intend to take advantage of. .

Currently, Arturo and Agustin have 15 points each in the Race, while Martin and Franco have 245. A difference of 13 points which is completely recoverable for the super kids. The latter, who certainly regret the cancellation of the Buenos Aires Master, still have four opportunities (including the Master Final) to try to take first place. Will this be enough? If they continue like this and Coello and Tapia don't recover quickly, maybe...

Note that only Carlos Pozzoni's players can hope to take first place from the current number 1s, the fifth player in the Race, Alejandro Galan, having “only” 7 points…

Find the ranking of the 2023 Race here.

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