The tables for the second Master of 2022, whose pre-previas begin tomorrow, have been released. Discover the posters of the first rounds, with in particular a confrontation between French women…

The pre-previas begin this Saturday and we find the 100% French pair composed of Thomas Leygue (171) and Johan Bergeron (157), who will face at 11:30 am Hugo García Martínez (197) and Valentino Acosta Kremnitzer (189).

Master obliges, Benjamin Tison (69) and Teo Zapata (67) start in the second round of the previas. They will face them on Sunday either Daniel Windahl (84) and Cristian G. Gutiérrez (74), or Simon Vasquez (124) and Adrián Blanco (62).

All eyes of the French will obviously be on the opposition between the two Franco-Spanish pairs on the circuit. Indeed, Wednesday morning, it is the pairs Alix Collombon (23) / Jessica Castelló (21) and Léa Godallier (36) / Teresa Navarro (44) who will be opposed. There will therefore be no matter what happens a tricolor in the round of XNUMX.

This tournament will also be an opportunity to discover new pairs like that between Javi Rico (20) and Javi Leal (42), who will be opposed to the seeded 4, Chingotto (8) / Tello (8), or Pablo Lijo (35) and Javi Ruiz (21) who will have to face Paquito Navarro (3) and Martin Di Nenno (3)!

There will also be a first round between new duos: Alba (55) / Sans (53) vs Alonso (38) / Ruiz (41)!

Check out all the tables here:

Ladies preprevias

Previas ladies

Main draw ladies

Preprevias men

Previas men

Final table men

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