Veronica Virseda qualified for the World Padel Tour Final Master

This was the big stake of the WPT Mexico Open: if Virseda managed to go one more round than the Alayeto twins, she would overtake them and ensure participation in the last tournament of the season.

And the Toledo native succeeded! Indeed, following the defeat of Mapi and Majo in the first round, Claudia Jensen and Veronica Virseda only had to beat Teresa Navarro and Marta Caparros to guarantee the one who started the tournament in 17th position in the Race to grab 15th place. Something they managed to do without problem: victory 6/2 6/2 for those who will find Carla Mesa and Carolina Orsi in the next round.

Veronica Virseda can smile, unlike Mapi and Majo Alayeto, who, barring injury, will not be able to finish their careers together at Palau Sant Jordi...

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