Yellow Ball

BalleJaune is a pioneering service on the reservation online for racket sports. We invite you to discover the basic features for members on our "User Guide": You can find out how to connect, how to book, etc.

You can also discover in video on this page:

Regarding our rates, we invite you to discover our price list on this page:

Free registration

Registration is completely free and you can test our tool with confidence by adding up to 25 users, beyond, our rates are 79 € TTC ANNUAL for a limit to 150 users maximum, 149 € TTC annual for a limit to 500 users, then 249 € TTC for a limit to 1500 users.

Do not hesitate to register your club on the free "BRONZE" offer for up to 25 users (including all the functionalities), it is the best way to discover BalleJaune serenely and without constraint.


Beyond the reservation which is our core business, here is a non-exhaustive list of the new features of BalleJaune:

- A website to communicate (unlimited pages) with a personalized home page (weather forecast, access map, free text to communicate).

- Optimized access for mobile and tablets, and ergonomics designed to facilitate access to reservations.

- The possibility of sending grouped mailings to a selection or to all members (unlimited message content, addition of attachments up to 16mb, images, rich texts).

- Technical support at your service 24/7, for both club officials and your members.

- Equipment control with a Persocode® system with code and Flashcode, or with a magnetic card to open the doors of land based on reservations (the member can open the land only if he has booked the slot).

- 12-day weather forecast when booking (details at 3 hours on the selected time slot). 

- A partner search module (classified ads and member directory).

- Complete statistics modules + occupancy rate per day and per hour.

- Online payment for ticket purchases via Paybox or PayPal.