Here is the 2024 update of the table of levels of padel, in partnership between Padel Magazine et

New in 2024

The new feature for 2024 lies in the fact that player levels are now directly linked to performance in official competitions (tournaments). padel P100, P250, P500, etc…) with the display of ''Competition criteria''.

For ranked players who have played twelve tournaments in a year (one per month on average), the level is set by the ranking (national rank), but also by the average points obtained per tournament, and even the average rankings achieved. in tournaments.

Thus, the level of these ''confirmed'' players is now beyond any dispute, because it can easily be verified (list of rankings padel FFT, Ten'Up, etc…)

For players who have played less than 12 tournaments in a year, their level is calculated according to the average number of points won per tournament (indicated at levels 4, 5, 6 and 7).

This is again a criterion that is not very questionable.

For players not classified or out of competition, they can establish their average level based on games played with players whose levels are validated by the competition criteria.

Do you 100% meet the competition criteria for a level, or is your level set by your average points acquired in tournaments?

If you are level 5, announce ''level 5 validated'' in partner searches.

If you are level 6, announce ''level 6 validated''. Etc., etc…

Are you unsure about your level because you haven't played enough competitively to meet the criteria for a level?

Between 4 and 5, announce ''estimated level 4-5'' in partner searches.

Between 5 and 6, announce ''estimated level 5-6''.

This should make it possible to avoid questionable overvaluations, which each player of padel has already experienced in a club, in order to organize balanced games.

The 2024 levels table

Here is the update of the levels table for 2024, knowing that in France in February 2024 there were 6.767 ranked players and 45.645 ranked players.


I start to play.

I'm learning the basic strokes.


I play the basic shots.

I play short rallies slowly.

I start volleyball.


I play for leisure.

I know how to serve and I play rallies trying to keep the ball in play.


I play matches with long exchanges and repeated ups and downs at the net.

I get to the net on serve and after a lob.

I go down in defense on the opposing lob to return the ball.

I play the ball after bouncing off the glass.

I control the placement, in particular according to my partner, whom I accompany at the net or in retreat at the baseline.


  • Matches won in P25 and P100 with ranking at the end of the P100 table.
  • Average points per tournament played: 5 to 25 points.

Players out of competition: average level equal to level 4.


I master my game, with serve and volley, retreat on lobs, counter-attack comeback, shots with spin, service returns in lob and in the feet, and positioning in phase with my partner.

I always get to the net after a lob.

I finish points on the fly and in smash.

I play with the windows on defense, and I put the ball in play on 360 and double windows.


  • Confirmed player: top 1.500 French (up to 900e).
  • Confirmed player: top 10.000 French (up to 6.000e).
  • P100: mid-table ranking, with 50% wins.
  • P250: ranking at the end of the table.
  • If – 12 tournaments played = average points/tournament: 25 to 50 pts.

Players out of competition: average level equal to level 5.


I'm good at fast play and spin, on serve or in play.

I vary the areas and speeds of my volleys.

I defend double windows.

I know the 360 ​​perfectly.

I counter-attack the opponent's smashes.


  • Advanced player: French top 900 (up to 450e).
  • Advanced player: top 6.000 French (up to 3.000e).
  • P100: tournament(s) won, regular top 4, being seeded.
  • P250: mid-table ranking, with 50% wins.
  • P500: ranking at the end of the table.
  • If – of 12 tournaments played = average points/tournament: 50 pts and more.

Players out of competition: average level equal to level 6.


I master all aspects of the game and tactics of the padel.

I use a game with strong and well-controlled effects, notably the bandeja and vibora.

I end the points with winning shots against a solid defense (same level).

I have a perfect command of double panes and I use the panes as a counter-attack.


  • Advanced player +: French top 450 (up to 225e).
  • Advanced player +: top 3.000 French (up to 1.500e).
  • P250: 1st part of the table, sometimes being seeded.
  • P500: matches won, ranking at the end or middle of the table.
  • If – of 12 tournaments played = average points/tournament: 100 pts and more.

Players out of competition: average level equal to level 7.


Expert player: top 225 French (up to 75e).

Expert player: top 1.500 French (up to 500e).


Expert player +: top 75 French (up to 30e).

Expert player +: top 500 French (up to 200e).


Elite player: French top 30.

Elite player: French top 200.

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