The project, which has been matured for around ten years, is now concrete: le padel arrived at U.S Dax Tennis, since last Saturday, December 23.

The opening of these 3 tracks of padel are an additional asset which will allow the tennis section of the U.S Dax to energize your community life by offering new services, including daily opening of the clubhouse until 22 p.m.

After moments of discovery for licensees, the 3 fields are now open for rental. But U.S.D tennis also aims to soon develop a school of padel for young people and individual or group lessons for adults. The competition will also be approached very quickly and the club will offer tournaments. As a club affiliated with the FFT, it will position itself to host departmental, regional or even national events.

In terms of prices, the association has focused on competitive prices with the aim of practicing this discipline for all. You will have to pay €6 as a member to the tennis section to play for an hour and a half. To become a member, you will need to pay a contribution of €60 in addition to the price of the FFT license at €20. For non-members, the one and a half hour slot will cost you 8 € / person.

The section also plans to implement snowshoe rental for €2 per person and per session. To reserve one of the three courts, go to TEN'UP or directly at the club house in the tennis section: 4 Rue des Prairies, 40100 Dax.