While controversies abounded around these interclub N1 2024, regarding the presence of Spaniards in the teams, the reality may be quite different.

Today, Peggy Maignien (30e) and Claire Lefebre (100e) had the chance to play against the world number 12, Aranzazu Osoro, which was associated with Géraldine Sorel (25e). The final score is clear: Palavas wins this first match, 6 / 2 6 / 0.

At the end of the meeting, the emotion is present for Peggy Maignien who has just played against one of the best players in the world.

The dream of playing Aranzazu Osoro

With Fiona Ligi, the captain of the Mas, it's been a while sincewe dream of meeting this Palavas team because it's an honor to play against such a great player. Playing against her is just a monumental opportunity for us, at least for me, a player of padel amateur. Never again in my life would I have the opportunity to play against her again. This morning, we were super happy to know that we were going to play against Aranzazu Osoro.

We made the compositions and I happened to find myself face to face with her. With my partner (Claire Lefebre), we were in a great spirit saying to ourselves: “we're going to enjoy the moment“. We wanted to do our best, even if we knew it was going to be complicated. But, we approached the match in a very positive way.

Aranzazu Osoro

An unforgettable game

Personally, I'm a big fan of Zazu. I follow her on social media, I watched her during her final at the Master Final in Barcelona. You could say that I am a truly aficionado by Aranzazu Osoro.

I told him before the match and after the match that I was a fan. It's true that in the end, the emotion completely overwhelmed me because I was so happy to have made this match.

I had the opportunity to talk to him a little. She is very friendly, very approachable, very human. I think that she's really a beautiful person. To have the chance to play against her is crazy.

The Interclub controversy

Of course, there is the controversy over the arrival of many Spaniards in the teams. I think the FFT will regulate this next year. Among the girls, it's true that there is a team where there was a Spaniard and an Argentinian who play at a very high level.

Personnellement, It doesn't shock me more than that that on a team, there are two foreign players. It's also part of the game and for us, French players, it allows us to raise our level of play. It also allows us to see the level difference that there is between the best players in the world and us.

I know that among the boys, there are several teams with 3-4 very high level Spanish players. But for us, among the girls, it still remained very reasonable.

So, there will undoubtedly be regulations next year but, as a player, these are great moments to be seized.


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Gwenaelle Souyri

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