New week rhymes with new publication of the FIP ranking. And as since the start of the season, Spain plays the leading roles, for both men and women.

If last season, the Argentinian Agustin Tapia shared the bill with his teammate Arturo Coello at the top of the ranking of World Padel Tour, since the start of 2024, and the end of the WPT, it is the Spaniards who have taken the lead.

Indeed, the current ranking, which takes into account events from the 2022 season of Premier Padel, is dominated by three Iberians: Arturo Coello, Ale Galan and Juan Lebron. Small change however this week since Coello moved back in front of Galan and Lebron following the victory of Arturo and Agustin in Qatar and the defeat in the eighth of Juan and Ale.

If the Top 3 is therefore 100% Spanish, Spain is not the nation with the most players in the first ten places among men. In fact, there are currently 6 Argentinians against 4 Spaniards in the Top 10! But the dynamic is perhaps more to Spain's advantage, with very fit players like Yanguas and Garrido who are getting closer to the famous tenth place!

The men's ranking:

Among the girls, the Top 3 is also 100% Iberian, but the big difference is that Spain totally dominates, with 8 players in the Top 10. They are accompanied by the Argentinian Delfi Brea, who is in fifth position, and the Portuguese Sofia Araujo, 9th. Be careful, however, since three Albiceleste players are in ambush: Riera, Osoro and Jensen respectively in 11th, 12th and 13th position. Will we have any changes soon?

The ladies ranking:

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