Huge reversal of situation on the side of Dubai, where Sweden is finally qualified for the quarterfinals and Brazil eliminated in the ladies.

Clearly, nothing is going as planned during these World Championships! After the change of organizing country and 17-team groups, here is a new twist in this competition! It concerns this female group D which will have been undecided until the end.

Indeed, there were three countries at the top of this pool: France, Brazil and Sweden. Yesterday, the FIP announced that France finished first because they had a better set tally, and that the Brazilians finished second because they beat the Swedes, even though Carolina Navarro's teammates had a better difference. at the set level.

Today a change of scenery, after Sweden expressed its dissatisfaction, the sports department of the FIP met, and following a study of its own regulations, finally made a new classification of group D:

  1. France
  2. Sweden
  3. Brazil

This is essentially what the document below explains (in Spanish).

Big blow therefore for Raquel Piltcher and her partners, who thought of playing a quarter-final this Thursday, and who will finally participate in the classification matches.

For the Swedes, therefore place in the quarter-finals, with a confrontation which promises to be very complicated against Argentina.

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