After only one tournament on the World Padel Tour, Maxi Sanchez and Adrian Allemandi, who formed the seed number 6, have decided to separate!

Adrian Allemandi has it announced on his Instagram account, he and Maxi Sanchez go their separate ways. If we believe the message of “Tito”, the decision would come from Maxi.

Maxi Sanchez forehand volley WPT

It's obviously a surprise after just one tournament, but it's proof that everything is moving very quickly today on the World Padel Tour. Eliminated by Yanguas and Ramirez in straight sets in the round of 6, the Argentines, seeded number XNUMX, will therefore stop there.

We imagine that Maxi already has a partner in mind for the next tournament which starts in a little over a week. For the moment no information has been leaked, we will keep you informed as soon as we know more.

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