Zinédine Zidane's great career as a football player is well known, but it is his initiative in the world of padel which is now attracting attention. By inaugurating the Z5 center in Istres in May 2022, Zidane shows how to merge passion for football and enthusiasm for padel.

The choice to combine these two sports illustrates Zidane's vision of an inclusive and family sports space, where young people and adults can share their love of sport.

The Z5 project is not just a business; it's a family affair. With his brother at the management of Z5 Aix, and soon a third center in Turin, Zidane emphasizes the importance of family in his businesses. THE padel, in particular, is highlighted as an intergenerational sport, reinforcing Zidane's vision of a sport for all.

Far from the football fields, Zidane remains an active sportsman. His routine includes running, playing soccer with friends, and a growing interest in padel.

Mario Cordero

Mario Cordero is a fine technician of the team. He observes, he analyzes, he returns to themes to bring his expertise. Complete, the man is as in the field!