The semi-finals du World Padel Tour Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 began with a shock in the female table. Lucia Sainz and Bea Gonzalez are required 5/7 7/6 7/5 in 3h06 face Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay.

An absolute fight

After 5 years spent together, Gemma Triay and Lucia Sainz are for the first time adversaries. They will receive last season's best pair award later this morning.

In this first set, the tension is palpable between these four players who know each other very well. This match looks like a final, and these two pairs know what is at stake in this first confrontation of the season.

Salazar / Triay seems to dominate the game, but Sainz / Gonzalez is decisive in important moments. They also win both puntos de oro of the first set.

The spectators of the Wizink Center, viewers of Gol TV and other international broadcasters, And 40 internet users on Youtube are enjoying a very spectacular match with several recoveries in par 3.

Alejandra Salazar is capable of raising her level of play at the end of the set. Its solidity allows the seeded n ° 1 to snatch the first set. 7/5


A Hitchcockian scenario

Salazar starts the set as she finished the first. The Madrilenian saves two break points by proving why it is at the forefront of the WPT.

Bea and Lucia make fewer mistakes and seem to gain the upper hand in winning their first serve game more easily.

The match switches to the service of Bea Gonzalez. It is on these service games that Sainz / Gonzalez is the most in difficulty. The Andalusian and the Catalan awaken the public by saving 4 break points and reattach at 2-2. The psychological ascendancy is taken and the two Spaniards transcend each other.

At the ninth break point of the set, Salazar / Triay finally converts his domination into a scoring advantage, but their nasty opponents recover the break instantly and win their service game. 4/4.

A double fault from Lucia Sainz gives two match points at Salazar / Triay, but Sainz / Gonzalez gets up for the umpteenth time to pick up at 5/5. Hitchcock undoubtedly went through Madrid to write this scenario.

Bea Gonzalez and Lucia Sainz save two new match points to take this set to the tie-break. The air is unbreathable in Madrid. They take the upper hand on the n ° 1 and win the second set. 7/6 (7-2). This match deserved a third set!


Le padel at its peak

Gonzalez / Sainz has gained confidence and seems to be able to dominate the third set. A partial of 14-2 between the end of the second and the beginning of the third. 2/1

Bea Gonzalez is impressive. Physically sharp, and technically very precise, she offers 3 break points to her team, but Salazar and Triay save them. The Malaguene ensures its game of service. 4/3.

Le point of the match arrives on a golden point at 4/3. A rally of more than 50 racket strokes which is already part of the history of this sport. Gemma Triay concludes it with a smash full of rage. The match is interrupted for a minute: blood on the elbows of the players.

The 10th game of the 3rd set could have been the last. Gonzalez / Triay offers himself two match points, but Bea Gonzalez misses the unmissable on the punto de oro. She seems to come out of her game, but her resilience allows her to keep her level of play. Lucia Sainz assumes her role as leader and concludes the eleventh game. 6/5

The 3 hours of play have passed, but the two players cannot decide. The final tie-break seems inevitable, but Bea and Lucia are determined to kill this match. The fourth match point will be the correct one. 7/5

Lucia Sainz and Bea Gonzalez won 5/7 7/6 7/5 in 3:06.

sainz gonzalez triay salazar statistics semi final madrid 2021

This match is the consecration of the nugget of Malaga Bea Gonzalez, who is now part of the elite of padel worldwide only the 19th anniversary. Lucia Sainz brings the balance that can allow this pair to dominate the season.

Bea Gonzalez: « Une sensation magnifique d’entendre le soutien du public. Les deux paires auraient pu gagner aujourd’hui, mais c’est tombé de notre côté. »

Lucia Sainz: « Ce fut un match très dur. Je veux féliciter cette bête (Bea), car son niveau de jeu est vraiment impressionnant. »

We will remember that first big fight of the year on the women's circuit. Today a real rivalry was born between these two pairs, which will undoubtedly give us a very exciting year on the World Padel Tour.

Le sports show offered by this match is further proof that the padel professional has everything to become a world benchmark show.

Photo credits: WPT.