It's a bit of a soap opera at the end of the season: the strong comeback of former number 1s Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan and separation rumors. Since their return to the best level, we have heard that Juan Lebron is in “seduction operation". Less temperamental than in recent years, he seems to have “calmed down” on the slopes and more benevolent towards Galan.

Rumors of separation after the Sanz/Galan association

It must be said that the rumors have been rife this season. Since mid-September, there has been talk of a probable separation between the two former world number ones. Juan LeBron was sidelined for a few weeks after a wrist injury. Which gave Alejandro Galan the opportunity to partner with Jon Sanz, the time of four tournaments. And the tandem between the two players worked rather well.

A victory against Coello/Tapia, a final and very good results in most tournaments, the mayonnaise had taken well.


From this precise moment, we started to hear that a separation between Lebron and Galan would be possible, which would have been a real earthquake in the world of padel. Both players immediately responded to the rumors, saying they were false.

A return to the best level with Juan Lebron

For several tournaments, we feel that Lebron and Galan are returning to their best level. The Madrilenian says it very clearly in his interview (see the video below): “When we were both able to think more about the game than the physical issues, we started to get back to our best.".

After their coronation at the Menorca Open, Alejandro Galan and Juan LeBron are now 5 titles from the record of Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin. It's hard to imagine that the Lebron/Galan pair could separate when they have obtained good results since the German Open.

What about tomorrow?

After the Menorca tournament, Alejandro Galan was interviewed by Veinte Diez and had to respond to the rumors once again. If the former number 1 seems enthusiastic about the end of the season, he has not confirmed the rumor of separation... nor denied it.

However, during his interview, the former number 1 was quite vague about his year 2024 and his future partner. "Every year there is a rumor. We will try to finish the First [Padel] and the year in the best possible way. And I think we deserve, after so many difficult months, to end with good feelings. That’s always been our way of approaching it. When the year is over we will look back, see how it went and reflect on everything” he declared at the microphone of Veinte Diez.

Recall that Jon Sanz, Galan's temporary partner this season, said “if Galan calls me, I will strongly consider it”…

When we asked you the question, many of you wanted a separation between Lebron and Galan. We should have an answer in the coming weeks to know, yes or no, whether we should prepare for the separation of the Wolf and Galantico.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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