A resident of eleventh arrondissement of Paris submitted a project to participatory budget of the town hall of Paris. It would be about building the very first short of padel of Paris Intramural.

If the project is voted by the Parisians, a outdoor track will therefore be built in the Candie sports center, in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris. This center is located not far from the Bastille's Place.

The court would take the place of an unused mini tennis court, behind two tennis courts.

An investment for everyone

In a detailed document, the local residents rely on figures to support their project. The virtues of padel and the universal characteristics of this sport make this project a worthwhile investment for all the inhabitants of Paris.

  • « Everyone likes to play padel : women, men, children, seniors. The strength of padel is that it is a sport for all of society. " Alfredo Garbisu, candidate for the presidency of the International Federation of padel.

Paris, Olympic city

Le padel could well become a Olympic sport in a few years. By welcoming the OJ 2024, Paris must lead by example and be up to date in the growth of sports in the world: a short padel in Paris is a necessity.

The Paris candidacy is supported by the sentence "Living together around the values ​​shared by sport", and le padel is the most universal sport that exists.

Vote for the project

You can consult the project by clicking here.

Discover the presentation of the project by clicking on the attachment “padel_candie_budget_participatif ”(below the project description).

short creation project of padel paris candie aerial view

If you live in Paris, you can support this project by clicking on the “like"And"associate me".


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