While waiting for the qualifying phase reserved for the French and Monegasques, the previas of Spain and Ivory Coast to participate in the A1 Padel France Grand Master have delivered their verdict.

At Euroindoor Alcorcon, not far from Madrid, no less than 79 pairs fought to try to reach the final draw. Only two managed to qualify: Hernando / Collantes and Sola / Goñi.

In Ivory Coast, there were also a very large number of pairs (62) and only one could qualify! It was ultimately the South Africans Richard Ashforth and Van Heerden Egmond who were able to leave with victory.

The Rutgersson / Gama pair, originally qualified for the Miami tournament, which was ultimately replaced by the French tournament, will also be there.

We now await the French qualifying phase, which will begin this Friday at Tennis Padel Sun and which will allow a pair to access the famous checks. Find the advance notice table just below:

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