Surprise on the side of Seville where Agustin Torre and Diego Ramos dominated the seeded 2 of the competition: Aguirre / German.

Andalusian spectators will not be entitled to their final between pairs numbers 1 and 2. If Arce and Dal Bianco did the job well this afternoon, Tito and Tolito failed to get out of the Torre/Ramos trap.

The Argentinian and the Uruguayan started the meeting with a bang by inflicting a 6/2 on their opponents. Behind, the favorites were able to react to pick up a run everywhere and we imagined that they were going to finish their comeback. But it was without counting on the solidity of the seeded 8 who resumed his march forward from the start of the set.

Germani and Aguirre were well able to come back, and were on the verge of picking up at 5/4 but a badly hit smash from Tolito on “punto de oro” gave the victory to the outsiders. Final score: 6/2 4/6 6/3.

Agustin Torre and Diego Ramos show that you have to count on them at the start of the season and they will try to finish the sensation tomorrow against the numbers 1!

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