This is a bit reminiscent of Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello a year ago on the World Padel Tour… Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso decided to team up this season and it works wonderfully! Indeed, the Argentines have just won their third tournament in a row in Chile. Still undefeated on the A1 Padel, Aguirre and Alfonso still got hot last night!

Faced with the surprise pair of the Chilean Open, Allemandi / Pereyra, Tolito and Gonzalo were forced, like the day before against De Pascual / Torre, to make a comeback after losing the first set in the tie-break. And during the last set, another tie-break was needed to decide between pairs 2 and 4 of the tournament. Tito and Ramiro, who had taken out the numbers 1 in the semi-final by winning the decisive game of the third set, could not do the same this time. Final score: 6/7 6/3 7/6.

With this third success in three tournaments, Aguirre and Alfonso confirm that they are clearly the pair at the start of the season on Fabrice Pastor's circuit. Arce and Dal Bianco, who until now were the undisputed masters of A1 Padel, will quickly have to pull themselves together if they do not want to see their first place in great danger... The next tournament being scheduled in three weeks in Beausoleil, Maxi and Franco will be able to prepare as best as possible to try to stop the excellent dynamic of 'Aguirre and Alfonso.

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