The first round delivered its verdict to Mexico, and today places the round of 16 of theA1 Padel Puebla Open.

As you will see below, apart from Barrera and Ramos (TS4), the favorites are holding up for the moment. It was still difficult for the long-awaited new duo De Pascual / Torre, but also for the 6th seed, Rolla / Melgratti. Favorites Arce/Dal Bianco and Aguirre/Alfonso had no problem advancing to the second round, as did veteran Allemandi and his new teammate, young Pereyra. Today, Tito and Ramiro will face the Portuguese Perry and Pascoal, in what should be one of the posters of the day.

Remember that this season, the round of 6 will be played over two days, so there will only be four matches on the program on March 2024, XNUMX.

The updated table:

The program of the day:

To follow the matches, go to the A1's YouTube channel Padel !

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