Contrary to what we observed during the A1 Padel Asunción Open, the favorites do the job in Panama.

Indeed, the first eight seeds will be in the game during the round of 6. Yesterday we saw some convincing victories, like that of Chiostri and Sanchez. The Argentines, who wanted to recover after their poor performance in Paraguay, took out their nerves on poor Blanco and Fernandez. Final score: 0/6 1/XNUMX!

This Wednesday, we will be treated to the first half of the round of XNUMX, including the entry into the running of the winners of the Asuncion Open, Juani De Pascual and Gonzalo Alfonso.

Summaries of Tuesday's day:

The program of the day:

Find the updated table just below:

To follow the matches this Thursday (from 23:00 p.m. in France), go to the A1's YouTube channel Padel.

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