Adrien Maigret, French international, and Yoan Boronad, member of the French junior team and hopeful of the padel French, won a P1000 this weekend in La Rochelle, the first of the young Catalan's career. Adrien tells us about this little event.

A role of godfather

The idea of ​​playing a P1000 with Yoan came when he asked me for advice and to help him find a material sponsor for this year. I put him in contact with Kristina Clément from Nox. He finally signed for the brand and so I told him that I was taking on the role of godfather in Team Nox and that I would play a P1000 with him this season.

With my somewhat busy schedule, I was unable to find an earlier date without the season but I had the opportunity to be free for the P1000 on the 4thPadel from La Rochelle, a club that I really like with a superb atmosphere. I have a friend who lives there and it allows me to see him again every year.

“Yoan controlled the game”

Yoan accepted my request and we won this tournament with a good performance. We lost only one set, in the quarter-final, but it was mainly because of me: I had an air gap in the second set, I was tired of the P2000 / FIP Bourg-en- sequence. Bresse. He held the house in this quarter-final where he was very solid. Victory 7/5 4/6 6/2 against Paumard / Durieux. In the semi-final, victory by both playing very well against Coirault / Boutel: 6/2 6/3.

Victory in the final 6/4 6/4 against Armagnac / Coulombeau. Great final, Yoan was very good in controlling the game in defense which allowed me to be impactful in attack. He didn't shake at the end of the set.

“Proud to have helped him win his first P1000”

I briefed him on the whole tournament. For me, his areas of improvement are in the baseline/net transitions and in his volley quality. On everything else: intensity, mentality, defensive play, exposure time, vibora, bandeja, he is already at a very good level!

I am very happy and very proud to have helped him win his first P1000, at only 16 years old. When he's on the circuit Premier Padel and I will comment on his matches on Canal + in four or five years, I will be proud to say that I helped him in his rise.

Photo credits: David Dadet

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