The service is widely talked about on the World Padel Tour Right now. In question, the height at which the players impact the ball.

Normally, the strike should not be made above hip level, but we can see that certain players tend to impact higher, or even much higher... This was the case in Malmö with Franco Stupaczuk, who hit the ball almost at armpit level against Momo Gonzalez and Javi Garrido. Problem, the Andalusians demanded a high service from the referee but the latter agreed with the Argentines…

So much so that in the final, when Stupa's teammate, Martin Di Nenno, appeared to perform a high serve, Ale Galan preferred to return quietly and say nothing to the referee. And when his teammate Juan LeBron made the remark to him, the latter declared: “The experience of this tournament tells me that it is better not to ask.”

It is clearly a problem if players can no longer call for services too high because they are afraid of losing the point following a bad refereeing interpretation. Do you think we need to find a solution to resolve the services dilemma?

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