Interviewed in “El Partidazo de COPE”, Ale Galan returned to the episode that motivated him to separate from Juan LeBron.

The Madrilenian, who will playing his last tournament in Mexico with the native of Cadiz, will then become his opponent. And what will happen when the two men who shared the track for more than four seasons together find themselves adversaries?

“We will end the game hugging each other, but during the match we will kill each other.” Obviously humorous comments which simply mean that the two players are very strong competitors, as their three seasons at the top have demonstrated.

And when the journalist asks him if he knows how to annoy his compatriot, Ale also responds with humor: “On the contrary, I know how to calm him down!”

A funny exchange that you can watch again below:

The first Galan / Chingotto vs Lebron / Navarro should be interesting to follow!

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