We were telling you about it yesterday, the next World Padel Tour La Rioja will have a few absentees.

Indeed the pair Lima / Nieto as well as the numbers 1 Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan will not be part of the party following a withdrawal from the latter. It's a knee problem for Pablo Lima which prevents the Hispano-Brazilian pair from participating. We also have some information regarding the Madridista's injury.

According to our colleagues from Olé, Galan would also suffer once again from knee pain, the same that prevented him from participating last year in the Mexican stage. It would seem that this pain does not prevent him from playing but it limits him a lot and gives him significant discomfort which forced him to make this decision. Already during pre-season, the young Spaniard couldn't train 100% because of this constant pain. Despite good feelings a few days before resuming competition, Alejandro Galan was quickly overtaken by this discomfort.

Yanguas Galan smiles Premier Padel Qatar Major 2023
Mike Yanguas and Aejandro Galan

Remember that Alejandro Galan has chained two tournaments in a row (Abu Dhabi and Doha), which may have weakened his knee once again. After his defeat in the quarter-finals in Qatar, he was quick to return to Madrid for a medical examination, which confirmed the need to take a week off and not to participate in the La Rioja Open.

For the moment the Spaniard has not yet officially communicated the medical reasons which prevent him from playing in Argentina.

However, if this is the case, it would be very likely that he will undergo a non-invasive treatment to regenerate his cartilage, as did another Spaniard on the circuit, Mike Yanguas, his training partner at the M3 Academy.

Sebastien Carrasco

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