We have already talked about that, Alejandro galan et Juan lebron, who reigned over the padel worldwide during three seasons, experienced a year 2023 full of upheavals.

This team, almost unbeatable in 2022, has gone through a succession of bad luck. Between injuries and rumors, the immortals Galan and LeBron were finally able to prove to everyone that they were capable of returning to their best level and even being the pair at the end of the season. Will they still dominate the debates in 2024?

Juan LeBron's injury

First of all, Juan LeBron's injury, obviously. Last March, Juan Lebron complained pain in the forearm right. His friend has knee problems. At the Paraguay Open, the Spaniards withdraw: this is the beginning of turmoil for the pair.

juan lebron lesion injury

Both players continue to play but are struggling to find their best level. No titles at the start of the season, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia winning all the titles. For their part, Juan and Alejandro withdraw from theBrussels Open in April. The following month, they are forced to do the same during theDanish Open. Forced rest for El Lobo, hit in the elbow.

It’s a real blow and a small earthquake in the world of padel. Alejandro Galan continues his season, this time alongside Jon sanz.

The return of Lebron, between doubts and uncertainties

It will take a few months for Juan LeBron to return. The return of Lobo is not very convincing. We feel that the Spanish player is still diminished by his injury and this is reflected in his level of play: he has lost his aggressiveness.

It is only in September that we begin to see an improvement... and for good reason, finally a first title for Lebron/Galan in 2023, atFinnish Open. The next title will only arrive a month later but will officially mark the return of the former number 1s.

But the bad news continues to come for the former world number 1s who are losing their emblematic coach: Mariano Amat. The latter announces that he is retiring from his status as coach, leaving Ale Galan and Juan Lebron orphans of his presence.

Added to this are the first rumors of the end of the association. Will LeBron and Galan play together in 2024? Who could they work with in the event of separation? In the end, we will have been treated to rumors and speculation throughout the season. The series will finally have ended in December, after the Master Final: Alejandro Galan and Juan LeBron announcing that they have decided to continue together.

Fortunately they end up finding the key: Juan LeBron must change his style of play but it pays off. On the World Padel Tour, they win Düsseldorf, Minorca, and Malmo. On the Premier Padel, they won in the last tournament of the season, at Milan.

We are clearly witnessing the rebirth of the phoenix.

Lebron Galan smiles Milan 2023

The best team in the world?

In a recent interview in El Larguero – SER padlock, Alejandro Galan praises his pair with Juan Lebron: “at our best, Juan and I are the best“. A quote that must have pleased the two best teams of the 2023 season: Tapia/Coello et Stupaczuk/Di Nenno...

That being said, isn’t there some truth? Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan reinvented the padel. Even today, they are reinventing their game to always be the most efficient.

At the end of the season, there was almost no underperformance. On several occasions they dominated in the same tournament, the Coello/Tapia pair and the super kids. From there to say that they are the best? Maybe not. Indeed, we can think that after a very busy start to the season, Arturo, Agus, Martin and Franco were a little worn out at the end of the year. So let's wait and see how 2024 starts, but Ale and Juan will clearly be one of the pairs to beat... and it is not Paquito Navarro who would say the opposite !

Gwenaelle Souyri

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