Thunderclap on the planet padel : Mariano Amat stops coaching and leaves his responsibilities at the M3 Academy. This therefore means the end of his association with Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron.

What was really going on behind the scenes? Hard to know. The technician, who has just announced the news on his Instagram account, speaks of a carefully considered decision and a long process. We can therefore imagine that he had been thinking about stopping for a while.

In the process, Juan Lebron, still via Instagram, thanked his trainer for these years spent together.

What share results of this season with the Spanish pair did they have on the one who accompanied them for three years, with the success that we know? Hard to say.

We can also think that after nine years of coaching professional players, Amat may have felt the need to take a break. Proof of the quality of the work done by Mariano, he has already received numerous messages from players and coaches thanking him for these years and wishing him the best for the future. What will it be made of? The future will tell.

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