Alix Collombon offered us a exceptional final in Burriana last weekend. She reflects on this performance, and sends a message to the best pairs of the WPT: it will be necessary to count on it this season!

FIP Star Burriana: what a performance!

Franck Binisti: You come out of a high level competition in Burriana, with a victory in 3 sets in the final. You played with your new Spanish Jess. Tell us about this exceptional match.  

Alix collombon : "It was very physical, you should know that on the FIP we play 5 matches in 3 days. Friday evening the 16th, Saturday morning the 8th, Saturday afternoon the quarterfinals, Sunday morning the half and Sunday afternoon the final. So we weren't really fresh. "

“In addition there was a great intensity in the finish. The last set was physically complicated for everyone. The game was fun for the people to watch. There were some spectacular points and we could see that the players didn't want to give up. ”

interview castello collombon fip burriana

Franck Binisti: What happens when with your back to the wall in the second set you see Alix the Phoenix?

Alix Collombon: “We finished the first set badly. Physically I was not well. I wasn't sure I could play this tournament. I felt my legs very heavy, but we won the important points. "

"I ss helped me in the middle because I couldn't hold on. She is physically impressive. The physiotherapist helped me with the calf. We had a big third set. The key to the match is 2-0 in the second when we win the punto de oro. "

Franck Binisti: We saw you better physically in the third set. You hardly made any mistakes anymore.

Alix Collombon: “I wasn't better physically, we just changed things tactically. I started playing long line. The game was therefore a little more on Jessica. With this pain, I had to play smart. This allowed us to win the match. Juan (his coach) was very important in this final. ”

“I had a back surgery”

Franck Binisti: What happened in this pre-season so that you don't feel at the physical level of your partner?

Alix Collombon: "I had an back surgery in December. I was completely stopped for a month. My return to the field was made in mid-January in a very gentle way. After a month on the couch it was difficult. We did a lot of work with my physical trainers. ”

“The feelings came back gradually and we decided to do this FIP to make matches and take sensations as a pair. It went better than we hoped. It didn't start very well but we ended well! We still have a lot of leeway. ”

J. Castelló A. Collombon victory FIP valenciana

A message for the Top 10

Franck Binisti: You won the first big tournament when you come back from this operation. Your goals must be very high, right?

Alix Collombon: “The goal this year is to make quarterfinals. We want get closer to the best pairs. We are the pair 14 in the ranking. We want to get closer to the Top 8. "

Franck Binisti: You train in Barcelona often with Top 20 players, for example Marta Marrero (number 5). Do you feel close to these players in terms of level of play?

Alix Collombon: "I can be efficient. Obviously there is a small difference, but I can take it. From the moment we are the 14th pair on this board, it is that potentially we can beat everyone. You can also lose against weaker, but it's something possible. ”

Psychological work, the key

Franck Binisti: Two years ago, I remember more modesty in your words, but today you know that you can beat everyone. Is this psychological trigger new this season?

Alix Collombon: “I started working this season with Pierre Gauthier on the psychological level. This is something that I saw with him. Si am in this table is that i can beat everyone. You also have to have a lot of humility when playing a “weaker” pair on paper. The goal is to go as far as possible and truly believe that it is possible to beat the best players. ”

“We work remotely with long sessions that require reflection. I am very happy with the work we are doing even if it is only just beginning. ”

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Franck Binisti: What is your agenda for the next few weeks?

Alix Collombon: “I'm going to train a lot. At the beginning of March there is a super gran slam on the Catalan circuit, that I will play with Jess. There will be few tournaments before mid-April. ”

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